Thursday, August 22, 2013


3 years later..  so much has changed, and yet so little has changed!

#1 I've moved!  From Bryan/College Station back home to Boerne.

#2  I've been through 8 million new career changes, and ended up where I started ..  as a Dyslexia Specialist

#3  I've spent almost 2.5 years being logical instead of EXTREMELY EmOtional and EXCITED!!!! LIKE THIS... YAY!!!   yeah, not nearly as much.  And its been nice to make a few decisions out of logic, and thought, and reason.   There is a lot of peace to it.  I hope for more of these

#4  I'm taking responsibility for my idiotic decisions.  I have no excuse for some of the crap I've gotten myself into.  But it has made life exciting and interesting.  Mistakes aren't always the worst things that can happen.  PS hell has frozen over if I'm admitting I'm wrong.

#5 with that, i'm seeing people and relationships as not so perfect, but with more reality.  It really helps when you are not looking at people through your emotions (imagine that) and what they can give you. But instead you look at them as they really are, their hearts, and what YOU can give them.
 So, I had a post about Cortland being so sweet.  Thats was f-ing retarted.  Cortland was an asshole to me and everyone else.  I was F-in blind and prideful and hurt.

#6 I still love: biology, animals, science fiction/fantasy, the chemistry of food science, maps, cultures, music, foreign films,  and juvenile British fiction.

#7  My heart still lights up when I get the privilege (i had to look up how to spell that and it still doesn't taste quite right) of hanging out with people with disabilities.

#8  Even though I've been to like 25 countries, i'm not  NEARLY done yet.  Nicaragua, Belize, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, Lichtenstein, the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Luxembourg (exciting place, youre really missing out on this one.)  Places I want to go (and I may or may not have purchased a ticket to go to one of them :o! ) :  Scotland, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, Wine country of France, Nice, Monaco, Lake Como, Italy.  I HAVE ZERO desire to visit the Asian countries.  Id go to Africa and stay in a hut over Asia ANY DAY of the week.  Seriously.

#9 I"m still terribly uncoordinated.  But I still love to try.  Ultimate Frisbee, Dancing, Yoga.  I love being outside.  I hate that its so hot here so much of the year.  I miss taking hikes.

#10  I still do not have anything figured out.  Especially the interaction of myself and other humans.

I'm pretty content being a loner, and I'm scared as shit that people would get to know me and reject me.

#11 this is a prime number

Until next year (or two),

Adieu my patient readers,

Ever so unfaithfully yours,