Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventure of the week: Preteen camp

Barney calls it prison camp.

And Chelsi calls it pro-tein camp.

But alas, it will be me, 12 other insane counselors, and 33 or so half-humans between the ages of 9 and 12.
I love them a lot, but I call them half humans because that is just what they are. Have you ever stepped foot in a middle school?!?

I won't tell you exactly where we are going, but I will tell you this:
Its south of College Station and near Huntsville AND its close to a body of water.
So as hot and humid as it is here, I imagine that we will daily bathe in the non-deodorized sweat of 11 year olds. I'm pumped... and cringing.

13 counselors + 32 humanoid life forms + sweat = FuN!

So please pray for us.

Pray that the kids would taste the Lord if they haven't already and have eyes to see and ears to hear of the great things he has done on their behalf.

Pray that we would be counselors who consider it a priviledge to work with these kids. It is a joy and I pray that we would act as such!

Pray over 1 John chapters 3-5. We have been loved greatly, and out of our thankfulness we are called to love our brothers and sisters and give our lives for them. This week is about the Lord and the kids: not us!

Pray dicipleship would happen: that we would teach these kids how to love the Lord day in and out: reading the Word, prayer, fellowship, confession, praise, worship, etc.

And pray that because of this week, and in addition to everything else the Lord is doing that these kids would grow up to be MIGHTY warriors for the Lord taking His name boldly to the ends of the Earth.

And finally pray that ALL of this would come from the Lord, that he would be our words, he would be our rest, our patience, our joy, etc. Apart from me you can do nothing. Its true.



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