Monday, July 20, 2009

Preteen camp by the numbers

Number of kids who attended from living hope: 33
Number of adults from Living hope going as sponsors: 12
Number of churches represented: 3
Number of pranks played throughout the week: 329
Average Hours of sleep each night for counselors: 4.5
Average Hours of sleep for kids: 7.5
Number of cafteria trays used by one person: 11
Number of people who jumped onto the blob: 25
Number of people blobbed: 20

Number of times we played dodgeball: 3
types of dodgeball played: 8
number of times people from LH got hit in the face: 42

Price of candy bar at the gift shop: $1.50
Amount of Candy Bars purchased by Living Hope: 207
Average number of wrappers in a single dorm room: 8

Boys before...

And boys after:

Average temperature throughout the week: 102
Average humidity: 80%
Average amount of showers taken by the kids: 2
Average number of showers taken by adults: 5

Youngest age of person doing ropes course: 3 years old (Jericho Tipton)

Amount of kids from the whole camp who got saved: 44
Kids from living hope who got saved :2

Amount of farts by living hope counselors throught the week: 743
Amount of fart jokes told by Howard about said counselors: 46

Amount of times Davondria twisted her ankle: 1

Number of people that can fit in a Ford Expedition: 15

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Blogger The Arguellos said...

I love this post! You covered so many important areas of camp experience! It looks like it was a blast!

7:27 PM  

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