Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Best Year Ever

I was walking through Wal-Mart today buying those teeny-tiny Haagen Dazs ice creams and my mom calls me.
She said she knew I was having fun because I had not called her in several days. So true. Oh moms, they know us so well.
But we got to talking about this past year, and she commented that it was probably my best year ever.

Now, let me back up this train up a little and give you some information.

This past school year was my first year of teaching. As you will read in this blog, I was worried about teaching. I was nervous about committing my life to something I could not control for at least 10 months. I was afraid that I would not receive the support that I needed.

All of my fears came true.

I was moved to 3 different elementary schools.
I was beaten up by my student.
I did not receive a lunch or conference break for several consecutive months.
I was expected to do the humanly impossible.
I played dolphins and tigers more than I taught reading and math.
I was criticized for being abused.

But! and Please read this, BUT!

I learned so much. And this year was a TREASURE.
It is ONLY by the Lord's grace that I can even type that sentence to you.
I learned the value of committment.

I received more support from the Body of Believers (church) than I could have wanted or needed.

They provided bodyguards.
They provided respite.
They provided arts and crafts.
They provided funding.
They provided an assisstant.

And please know that it was NOT the provision of a human person or organization.
Only people who have put their full trust in the Living God can sacrifice their time and energy when it seems crazy to provide for the needs of others.
And that is exactly what happened.

And now the school year has ended.

But by God's grace I can look back and say,

I miss and love my student dearly.

I would not trade this past year for anything.
I LOVE committment, bring it!

So even though it was excruciating, I learned how to love, and be loved by a family that will last.

Thank you, Church.
I love you so much.

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