Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm not sure what you guys think of me, or of what I write. But I'm very convicted.

About my life.

About what I get excited about.

About how I spend my time.

About my goals.

I have been redeemed (purchased by blood from eternal death and shame) by the Most High God, and yet I often live for myself and my desires.

While my heart is not to censor the displeasing things in my life, I also do not want to promote and exalt things that have no explanation behind them.

Thus, I erased the post about Josh and I spending New Years at Barney and Jos. Butch said it was super shady that we went there at night. I had no idea. That NEVER occurred to me. But, in case you didn't know, we look exactly like the world when we have the appearance of sin, even if our motives and our hearts are good. So for that, I'm sorry.

True treasure is not found here. Its found above.


The sweet peace of knowing you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.

The freedom of knowing you have NOTHING left to lose. Free from entanglements.

The sweetness of opening your hands and truly being ok with whatever happens.

Loving people.

Loving sick people.

Loving people who can't love you back.

Being loved.

These are treasures that cannot be purchased at ANY Target.

So, today I'm excited about the FREE piano the Lord provided (dropped in my room) so that I can do what he called me to do: play keyboard for the worship team.

Today I'm excited that one of my students AND his mom, AND his brother are coming to church this Saturday.

And finally, today I"m excited because two of my students have been reading their bibles.