Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The $10 Challenge: Day Uno

I have not been managing my money well.

Fortunately for me I have an AMAZING friend in Julie Weddle to help me overcome this poor stewardship.
She presented me/us with a challenge.

The Rules:
1. Each person can spend only $10 on food for 2 weeks
2. No borrowing from roommmates.
3. Trading is allowed.
4. Restaurant food counts, so be careful!
5. Bathroom items, gum, and gas do NOT count.

The Catch:

For every $ 0.25 each person goes over the original $10, the other person gets to make a "concoction out of 1/4 cup of whatever and has to eat it!!!

You know what this means.
Ketchup and mayonaise.
Mustard, milk and cheese.
Salad Dressing.
Jelly and orange juice.
Bar-b-que Sauce. (Sung in Chili's fashion)

This is a test of both money management and creative cooking and planning.

Get Excited!

Fortunately for me, when I arrived home I had half a chicken in my freezer, and a big thing of cheese.

I have this one in the bag!

So I have two question for you:

If you had chicken, flour and the normal spices in your posession, what 1 very cheap thing would you buy at the store to jazz it up?

Between Wal-mart, H-E-B, Apple Tree, Kroger and Albertson's, who do you think has the cheapest overall food?